Our Services

In large part, our Clients include national and international corporations, pharmaceutical companies, banks and financial institutions, I.T. companies, state-owned enterprises and private sector companies. We confidently consider our areas of expertise to be:.

1. Financial Crimes (NAB / Anti-Corruption)
2. Judicial Review of Public Governance and protection of the Environment.
3. Energy Laws in particular Electricity, Oil, Gas and Renewable Energy sectors.
4. Public Private Partnership Projects, in particular Construction Industry Contracts & Dispute.
Resolution in respect thereof, including Mediation, Arbitration and Litigation.
5. Raising of Equity and Debt and advising on Corporate Structuring.
6. Mergers and Acquisitions; and
7. Banking & Finance.

We have substantial experience of advising on high-level matters and transactions, falling under the heads of all major civil, corporate and commercial laws including securities, derivatives and exchange laws, competition laws, service and labour laws, privatization laws, company and partnership laws, international and local arbitrations, constitutional law, financial and foreign exchange laws and property and rent laws. Our lawyers regularly provide litigation services and have rights of audience from the Subordinate Courts all the way up to the Supreme Court of Pakistan. Furthermore, our team is fully geared and experienced at conducting legal audits and due diligences, mergers, de-mergers and reverse merger of companies, and drafting / negotiation of all types of commercial contracts / agreements.

Our team also regularly appears before offices of the concerned Ministries of Federal or Provincial Governments including:

  • Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan
  • Banking Courts
  • Competition Commission of Pakistan
  • Registrars of Trade Marks, Patents, Copy Rights
  • Federal and Provincial Ombudsmen
  • Drug Courts


We provide extensive litigation services, with specialization in constitutional, financial crime and company jurisdiction matters. Our lawyers have rights of audience from the Subordinate Courts all the way to the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

Mergers & Acquisitions

The consolidation of companies or assets through various types of financial transactions, including mergers and acquisitions. We are fully equipped to provide complete services in respect of transactions relating to mergers and acquisitions.

Banking & Finance

The area of law which subjects banks to certain requirements, restrictions and guidelines, designed to create market transparency between banking institutions and the individuals and corporations with whom they conduct business, among other things.

Environmental Law

Environmental law, principles, policies, directives, and regulations enacted and enforced by local, national, or international entities to regulate human treatment of the nonhuman world.

Trust & Estates

It is a fiduciary arrangement that allows a third party, or trustee, to hold assets on behalf of a beneficiary or beneficiaries.

Business Law

The body of law that applies to the rights, relations, conduct of person, businesses engaged in commerce, trade, merchandising and sales.

Corporate & Commercial Law

Corporate law (also "company" or "corporations" law) is the practice or study of how shareholders, directors, employees, creditors, and other stakeholders such as consumers, the community, and the environment interact with one another. Corporate law is a part of a broader companies law (or law of business associations).

Commercial law, also known as business law or corporate law, is the body of law that applies to the rights, relations, and conduct of persons and businesses engaged in commerce, merchandising, trade, and sales. It is often considered to be a branch of civil law and deals with issues of both private law and public law.

Telecommunication Law

The regulations governing broadcasting, telephone and telecommunications service, cable television, satellite communications, wireless telecommunications, and the Internet.